YouTube CPM Rates in the Philippines: 2021 Edition

YouTube is one of the best and most famous platforms for content creators and is a reliable source of brand awareness, engagement and recall. One who has their own YouTube channel has to put in a lot of branding effort because this is their medium of audience discovery for their business and can bring a good amount of addition to the monthly income.   In this article, you will get a closer look at the CPM rates offered by YouTube in the Philippines across the various video ad kinds.

Even though it is not really the primary source of revenue generation, the ads from YouTube help content creators with a good source of income post crossing the 100k subscriber mark if you keep having the same viewership on your channel video. The CPMs from video ads are varying in accordance with several factors such as the niche of the channel and the videos, the intent and the keywords used are just some of the very important metrics of the CPM rates of the ads that are served.

Largely, the ads have been given the highest CPMs in the auction is based around digital SAS based products and the ones with the lowest CPMs are targeted to general niches such as brand recall and video viewership campaigns. Here, I have provided the hierarchical segmentation of the CPM rates for YouTube based on ad CPM rates.

SAS/Online Marketing>Insurance and Credit Cards> Finance> Business and Startups> Tech> Health and Parenting> Careers and Jobs> Lifestyle> Education> People and Society> Art> Music and Movies> Songs

YouTube CPM Rates in India
YouTube CPM Rates in India

You must now understand the kind of niches and content categories that drive the maximum and lowest revenues and now, you can understand the kind of YouTube ads and the ones that get the highest revenues by virtue of CPMs. Generally, the kinds of YouTube ads are classified into display ads, overlay ads, skippable ads, non-skippable ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards. From there, the only ones eligible for desktop views are display and overlay ads and the others are eligible for both mobile and desktop.

YouTube Skippable Ads CPM in the Philippines

Skippable ads are ads that can be skipped after the viewer has watched it for 5 seconds. The CPM range fro skippable ads in the Philippines is around $1.5 for ads based off the auction. However, the reserved skippable ads can have higher CPMs. These ads are perfect from the perspective of user experience as they can simply skip the ad if they do not engage well with the displayed ads.

YouTube Bumper Ads CPM in the Philippines

The ads that are shown for a very short duration of about 6 seconds only and they are displayed on the videos in cases where skippable and non-skippable ads have low demands. They usually have lower ad CPM range in comparison with other ads and in the Philippines, the CPM for this would be anywhere between $1 to $1.5. They are best as a move of brand visibility ads and their CPMs are the same across most of the channel in comparison with other kinds of video ads.

YouTube Display Ads CPM in the Philippines

The ads that are displayed as companion ads in the sidebar of the video screen when the user watches something on the desktop or laptop are display ads. At times, YouTube shows overlay ads, which is just another kind of display ads when video ads have no demands at all. This is basically acting like a backfill and has the purpose of monetization of remaining impressions at a much lower price. In the Philippines, the CPM offered for display ads is about $0.20 – $0.53. They can definitely fluctuate and go higher or lower than the given range because this is based on a variety of factors.

YouTube Non-Skippable Ads CPM in the Philippines

The ads that cannot be skipped at all and the user necessarily has to watch the entire ad in order to continue watching the video is non-skippable ads. These ads last for about 15 seconds to 30 seconds. They have both the highest view rate and the completion rate and then garner the highest CPMs. The only situation when the skippable ads can possible have CPMs higher than the given ads, is when most of the skippable ads are being viewed by the visitor. An important rule to remember here is the enabling of non-skippable ads in the monetization section of individual videos because mostly, it can remain unchecked. If you have videos that have a high watch time, you can make a custom setup of the mid-roll ads on videos which are longer than 8 minutes.

YouTube Reserved vs. Auction Ads

The reserved and auction ads are simply just skippable and non-skippable ads. The auction ads are bought in real-time by advertisers and have no real guarantee of any minimum fill commitments, but on the contrary, the side is reserved ads that have a given fill quota that will be met and that explains the slightly higher price than the former. Most advertisers wish to have guaranteed impressions for their ads, and would rather choose reserved ad type to get the minimum fill commitment at least. If you see more of reserved ads on your channel, this is a good sign and must lead to an eventual increase in CPMs.

YouTube CPM Rates in India for Educational Channel 

On YouTube, it is very easy to target the K-12 audience because of the presence of a large number of educational and non-educational channels where they can be targeted. Also, the side of the supply is more in comparison with that of demand from advertisers, and hence, the average CPM is around 50 cents to one dollar. My educational channel has about 25k subscribers and I have shown the channel metrics here.

The YouTubers do not solely rely on YouTube advertising and the revenue from YouTube is barely 15% of what they make from external deals like direct sponsorships, brand endorsements, and personal branding. It is important to remember that the very initial years of YouTubing are extremely challenging as is reaching the mark of 10K subscribers organically. Once you do that, you can reach 100k and more thresholds with ongoing dedication and continual effort.

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