AdMob eCPM and CPC Rates in the UK: 2021 Edition

Digital marketing has opened up a world of opportunities that marketers are eager to grab. Marketers are becoming more and more focused on mobile ads. Users tend to spend a lot of time on their cellular devices. Owing to this face, companies are allocating their budgets towards mobile advertising. One of the most celebrated and reliable ad networks globally, Admob helps marketers promote and monetize their ads. Mobile advertising rates vary based on the industry, ad delivery channel, geolocation, mobile OS, and more. In this article, we would discuss the Admob eCPM and CPC rates in the UK. The eCPM and CPC rates are generally higher in first-tier countries like the USA and the UK. The average CPM and CPC rates would likely be pretty good, but they differ from each other based on formats and niches and such.

Admob eCPM and CPC Rates in the UK

Here, we have segmented the Admob eCPM and CPC rates in the UK based on different ad formats.

Admob Banner Ads eCPM and CPC Rates in the UK

Banner ads are the simplest ad formats. They are image-based rather than text-based. These are generally rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top, bottom, or sides of a website or online media property. The CPM for banner ads is about 25 cents.

Admob Interstitial Ads eCPM and CPC Rates in the UK

Interstitial ads are particularly popular and very engaging. They take up the entire interface of the screen and the users have absolute power to choose to watch it or skip it. These ads appear between the content and play at natural transition points or breaks. The fact that they are full coverage differentiates them from other ad formats, like pop-up, native, and banner ads. The CPM rates for interstitial ads in the UK are around $5-$7. 

Admob Rewarded Video Ads eCPM and CPC Rates in the UK

Rewarded video ads are of the best-known ad formats in the gaming world. Users love it because they are rewarded for watching ads in the form of extra lives, more points, or a level up. These ads are a perfect barter system because the user gets something in return for something. It is a great way to increase leads. Also, they are not disruptive to users and appear at the natural transition points like when the user is leveling up or when he dies. The CPM for rewarded video ads is around $10 in Android for UK traffic and $16 for iOS

Admob Native Ads eCPM and CPC Rates in the UK

The ads that are well integrated into the content, so much so that they camouflage with the given content are native ads. Most of the time, you would not even understand that there is some ad present. They are non-disruptive in nature and users absolutely love it because their experience is not hindered by ads. You must have noticed these ads when you were scrolling through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You must have seen sponsored ads, recommended for you, and such. Those were native ads. The CPM for Admob native ads in the UK can vary from 20 cents to $2.

Admob Open Ads eCPM and CPC Rates in the UK

Open ads are a great way to monetize the opening page of the app. It puts power into the hands of the users because they can choose to watch it or shut it. It covers the entire interface, so it is very engaging.

How to Increase eCPM and CPC Rates?

There are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to increase your eCPM and CPC rates for Admob. You could use an ad mediation platform like Appodeal, which would help you run many other mobile ad networks along with AdMob. They have intelligent ad mediation which helps developers increase their ad revenue with optimized refresh rate, high auction prices, and intelligent mediation. Another simple trick is to adhere to is to focus on traffic which would bring high CPMs, like that of the tier 1 countries like the US, UK, and Canada.

You do not want to make the mistake of placing an ad somewhere and leaving it there for a long time. Simply experiment with ad formats and ad placements. If you leave it in the same place for very long, users become bored of it and simply ignore it. Then you would be losing out on potential revenue. 

You can connect with Admob and request to show one ad unit in general al if the eCPM is at a certain price or higher, or that you only want to show ads in a particular country if the eCPM is at a certain threshold or higher. It might lower the ad blindness and fill rate but also increase the clicks on high-value ads. 

You can put in different ad formats at different places and not risk it all with one monotonous thing.

Admob is one of the most reliable and the largest ad networks in the world. The rates that they offer are very good, especially for tier 1 countries. The rates mentioned above have been aggregated out and if look at with more precision, they would differ more based on geographical location, niches, and more. However, it is important to understand that Admob is an excellent choice to monetize app traffic. They have absolutely 100% fill rates and very good CPMs. Also, Google has a very deep pool of advertisers and networks which is an added advantage. 

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